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Grant Success Stories


CO2 Dragsters

Mr. Fitzgerald's Construction Trades class students were excited to build and race their very own CO₂ Dragsters.

They designed, created, and then raced their model hot rod cars that are propelled by carbon dioxide that rapidly escapes from a cartridge that is in the car.

John Fitzgerald, Calallen Middle School

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Students Want you to read board.jpg

Literacy Ambassadors

Literacy Ambassadors in Jessica Almaraz's class are on a mission! By creating their own designs and illustrations that are relevant to the piece of literature they are reading and then showcasing their design in the hallway, these Literacy Ambassadors hope to grow a love of reading in others

Jessica Almaraz, Magee Elementary

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iPads Support Virtual Teaching & Learning

Christine Price, a 7th Grade Math Teacher, is utilizing her grant funded technology resources to develop great lessons and teach virtually during social distancing. The iPads have allowed her to create videos for the students, replicating the white board in her classroom.​

Christine Price, Calallen Middle School

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Coding Craziness in Kinder

"The opportunity you have given these children to experience coding is invaluable! They are our future and it is up to us to give them every chance to succeed. Your donation will leave a lasting mark on our children."

Dayla Hearon, Wood River Elementary

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yoga 23_edited_edited.jpg

Adaptive Yoga

Yoga class has been a very positive experience for my students. Not only do they enjoy the class, but they are developing physical strength and endurance, sensory integration, motor coordination, as well as learning breathing techniques, and building self-esteem.

Tracy Fletcher, District/Special Education

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D. Lamb 2.jpg

Podcasts: The Audio Netflix

Students in my Digital Audio Technologies class are so thankful for the quality USB microphones and the continued support of all our teachers for Calallen TV, which has helped us reach so many people in our broadcasts. Without the Calallen Education Foundation, we would not be where we are today.

Dale Lamb, Calallen High School

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Maneuvering the Middle

7th Grade Math Teacher, Gina Wernig, used her "Maneuvering the Middle" grant funds to create a hands-on Probability Scavenger Hunt for her students to get them to think outside the box while having fun and working collaboratively with each other.

Gina Wernig, Calallen Middle School

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Drafting Board and Supplies

Having drafting boards, T Squares, and Triangles, provided by the Calallen Education Foundation, gives John Fitzgerald's Construction Trades students the tools needed to acquire a basic knowledge of measurement and understanding of construction design.

John Fitzgerald, Calallen Middle School

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Glow Games

6th Grade Math Teacher, Kate Lopez, transformed regular math stations into fun, glow in the dark math stations she calls "Glow Games" that are sure to engage her students.

Kate Lopez, Calallen Middle School

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Microbits Lighting the Way to Our Students' Future

Coding with Microbits can unlock students' creativity and introduce them to a world of invention and coding with technology. Ms. Price used her grant funds to purchase Microbits for her math students. 


Christine Price, Calallen Middle School

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CalallenEducationFoundation-Alberts Inso

Albert's Insomnia

Award winning math game, Albert's Insomnia, helps students in Ms. Flores's class understand order of operations as they create their own math equations. Albert's Insomnia was provided to Ms. Flores through a Calallen Education Foundation Mini-Grant.


Emily Flores, Magee Elementary

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k.story stem4.png

STEM Success!

These engineering activity kits promote critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills. Through building and hands on learning, students  are using logic and flexible thinking, and creativity all while they have fun and play.


Karen Story, East Elementary

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