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It is a goal of the Calallen Education Foundation (CEF) to provide maximum support to all educators and students within Calallen ISD.  We encourage any Calallen educator with a creative and innovative program, project or initiative that needs funding to apply for a Calallen Education Foundation grant! 

The program, project or initiative must be sustainable for years to come, benefiting students on an ongoing basis.  All applications must be typed.  Cover page with signatures should be separated from the rest of the application.  Submit by emailing completed cover page AND application with all attachments in two PDF files to

Grants will be awarded before the semester ends.  All items purchased with CEF grant funds remain the property of Calallen ISD.

The grant application will be reviewed and scored considering the following criteria.  A minimum score of 80 must be achieved to be considered for funding:

Overview/Objective:  A description of how this program, project or initiative is relevant, appropriate and designed to enrich learning is included. Please include the total number of students benefiting within the first year should the grant be funded. (15 points)

Innovation/Creativity:  The program, project or initiative includes an innovative/creative approach to teaching or learning that goes above and beyond the usual classroom requirements. (25 points)

Lesson Plan with TEKS:  The program, project or initiative is well thought and it’s use is clearly explained within a lesson plan that includes the TEKS that will be achieved.  The lesson plan is included with the application. (20 points)

Evaluation/Assessment:  The proposal includes a meaningful way to evaluate the results of the program, project or initiative. (10 points)

Sustainability:  Explain how the program, project or initiative will enrich classroom learning/teaching now and into the future (15 points)

Budget:  The expenditures outlined in the application are reasonable and do not duplicate the expenditures by CISD. (5 points)

Overall Presentation:  The application represents high standards reflected in the proper use of grammar, accurate spelling and quality content. (10 points)

Video: If you would like to submit a video explaining your grant, email it to Amy Hendrix at Please keep the video under 3 minutes. 

Please click on the link below to download the standard grant application.   For a hard copy of the Requirements and Rubric, click here.

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